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  • About Us


    PADUS developed organically, having practised yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 10 of those, I saw a need for some sort of foot covering that was hygienic, functional and looked good. Working in gyms and having to walk barefoot on the floors in the changing room to the studio and in the studio, on mats that people had been sharing was unpleasant!

    Many students complained of cold feet or were unhappy showing their feet!  Bad feet day! After discussing my idea with my Yoga master in India, I discovered that the ancient Yogi’s wore a slipper to practise!  “The yogi’s would wear a foot covering as it acted like an insulator because it lessened the pull of gravity” I did some research on the body’s electromagnetic field and I wanted to somehow be able to further support our energy system, Using Hemp was the obvious choice, the plant has so many amazing properties, including anti bacterial/anti fungal; it needs no pesticides or fertilisers to grow, it is naturally organic.

    Hemp has been cultivated all around the world for many thousands of years and can be used to produce every type of material that we use today; non polluting fuels; card and paper without acids, dioxins or bleach; pesticide free clothing; biodegradable plastics; building and insulating materials; non toxic medicines for a vast range of ailments. It is also the most nutritious food known. For more info on hemp go to our hemp link.

    The Hemp used by shanti life for  PADUS is from the Hmong Tribe. The Hmong Tribe have cultivated and used Hemp for many years.

    Changing market conditions have brought factory-made textiles of cotton and synthetic fibres to the most remote regions of the Hmong countryside. An increasing number of women buy more and more modern textiles and plant less and less hemp. The continuation of the hemp weaving tradition is negatively correlated with an increased standard of living, improvements in infrastructure and exposure to market goods. The poorest Hmong living in the most remote villages far from markets are the most likely to continue to weave hemp.

    At Shanti Life we are dedicated to bringing hemp products of the finest quality that are made from the heart. Everything is done with consciousness... Any dyes used are natural. Indigo dye has been used since ancient times and some cultures see it as having magical or talismanic properties. The colour indigo is used to represent the sixth chakra. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge). The spiral, our logo, is probably the oldest symbol of human spirituality used to symbolize our inner and outer journey to God and the Self. Spirals symbolically represent a passage into the collective unconscious and then back into the world renewed with a greater psychological understanding of whom we are and why we are here. Spirals symbolize our soul, our essence, remaining the same while experience deepens and elevates our egos, or personalities, simultaneously. The centre of a spiral is the centre of the Self as it goes through the forward movement of time, yet never loses the essential spirit of its origin. Many indigenous cultures use the spiral to show that there is a conscious energy force within all living things. The ancient Celts, for example, used the spiral as their symbol for reaching the soul and therefore God

    PADUS are produced ethically from beginning to end are environmentally friendly, they help connect us to the earth, offer a non slip protective foot covering for all practises, including Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, Dance: Kung Fu; They are great for home use, office use, at the gym and outdoor practise. When you buy our products you can be secure in the knowledge that you have made a conscious decision on supporting life!

    Kim Williamson
  • Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence.

    Shanti Music is created and produced by ‘love Indigo’ Buy from iTunes

    ‘Love Indigo’ is Chris Buckley and Kim Williamson…Kim is a yoga teacher and music lover…. Chris is a music producer and lover!

    All artists performing with us are friends and fellow soul seekers. When deciding on the website design for Shanti Life our first thought was that we had to have music! Kim uses music in her Yoga classes to enhance and evoke emotions taking you to a deeper level.

    Music produces such passionate emotional responses, and with intention and forethought can be used to focus and direct the listener's emotions. Movement to music is hardwired into the most primitive and ancient parts of our brains. When we hear a beat, signals are automatically sent by the deep brain to our muscles. We had a lot of fun creating our first album which is called ‘Yogalicious’. We used a mixture of sounds from various genres including Opera, Classical, Hip Hop and R&B and took influences from different countries and cultures around the globe using sounds from China, India, Spain and the Middle East.

  • Hemp

    The word Hemp means” fiber” or” fiber producing plant”

     Cannabis Hemp is an amazing plant and has been cultivated worldwide for millennia. Hemp grows easily as an organic annual crop, it requires no pesticides, making it the most natural environmentally clean and efficient plant around. The Cannabis Hemp Plant is used to produce many types of material it is also one of the most nutritious foods known.  Today’s uses include non-polluting fuels; paper and card without the use of acids, dioxins or harmful bleaching agents.  Pesticide -free clothing; biodegradable plastics; building and insulating materials; holistic medicine for a wide range of conditions.

    View video of the Hmong people weaving with hemp

    There are five parts to the Cannabis Hemp plant including;

    Cannabis   Hemp   Bubs and Flowers

    The resinous seed head have the highest amounts of T .H. C (tetrahyddrocannibinol ), a compound unique to the cannabis hemp plant, for which receptors exist in the human brain from birth. Cannabis hemp resin extracts have repeatedly been found to be healing to a wide range of ailments and it has been reported to have properties which destroy malignant tumors and cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells surrounding.

    Cannabis Hemp Seeds

    Hemps seeds are in fact a type of nut known as an achene.  The cannabis hemp seed has been found to have the most nutritionally complete single food source known. It contains complete protein and its oil is very rich in Omega oils which are essential fatty acids.  The seeds are also high in dietary fiber.

    Nutritional information

    25% Protein
    The only complete vegetable protein known in the most suitable and rarely found form for human nutrition.

    25% Oil
    25% omega 6
    20% omega 3
    10% omega 9
     3% GLA
    .1% Vitamin E
    .000!% chlorophyll
    15 Fatty Acids
    5 Minerals
    4 Vitamins

    30% Fibre
    The two shells of the cannabis fruit are made of insoluble carbon, dietary fiber which is essential for efficient digestion, bowel cleansing and toxin elimination.

    The seeds can be eaten whole or shelled. 
    Hemp seed foods include;  gruel, soup, marzipan, miso, flour, baked good,  cold pressed oil, milk, mayonnaise, ice cream, cheese, tofu, tempeh, butter, food accompaniment, salad dressing, sprouts.

    Non food uses:
    Bio diesel; The nuts produce high quality oil, the type of fuel intended by Rudolph Diesel to power his brilliant invention, the compressed ignition engine.
    Lamp and Candle oil;  Cleaning materials; Base for paint, Inks, Putty and Varnish. The oil can be used to condition, preserve and waterproof wood and leather,.

    Cannabis Hemp Leaves

    The Hemp leaves are used as a herbal infusion to treat a range of conditions, during the reign of King Henry VIII Hemp tea was commonly drunk to help treat arthritic pain and gout.
    The leaves, traditionally allowed to fall during autumn to nourish the earth.

    Cannabis Hemp Stalks

    The strong outer” bast” fibers, the continuous outer stalk fibers known as the longest and strongest in the vegetable kingdom, are the reason why cannabis is called Hemp. These fibers are used for all grades of cloth and rope from silk like thread to rope 60 cm thick which was used for ship mooring.
    Hemp canvas is a natural salt resistant fabric which enabled worldwide trading and migration and was used on all ships sails and rigging until the 20th century.
    Old masters painted on hemp canvas.
    Hemp rope is invaluable on polar expeditions as it is the only one that stays flexible at sub zero temperatures.
    The inner short woody fibers” hurds” which are high in cellulose and silica make up the woody core of the cannabis hemp stalk. Hemp hurds can produce up to 100 times the pulp for paper, insulating   and absorbent materials.
    After the fibers are removed from the woody stalk the remainder is mostly cellulose which can be used to produce bio fuels; plastics and solvents.

    Bio Mass; The Hemp’s long stalks produce a large amount of vegetative matter per acre. This bio mass can be mechanically compacted to make hemp logs that can be used to fuel domestic and industrial heating and energy production needs.

    Alcohol; Distilled from the high cellulose content in the stalk of the Hemp plant, the alcohol can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol.
    Henry Ford used it to fuel cars in the 1940’s.

    Building materials; Blocks,  Cement, Fiber board. Glue, insulating material, lagging, Mortar, Perspex, Plaster, Stucco, timber substitute.
    Absorbent materials; Animal bedding, Blotting paper, Filter paper, Nappies, Tampons, Toweling.
    Paper and card; Art paper, Bags, Books, Newsprint, Printing paper, Teabags.
    Cloth and Rope; Canvas, Cloth, Cord, Linen, Rope, String, Thread, Twine, Yarn.
    Green Fuels; “Alcohol” petrol alternative, Bio mass fuel logs, Vegetable oil bio diesel.
    Moldings; Fiber and Resin compressed panels and parts.

    Cannabis Hemp Roots

    Culpepper’s herbal dictionary states “A decoction of the roots allays inflammation of the head and body.
    Ease gout pain and hard knots in the joints. Relieve pain in the sinews and hips.”
    Fresh hemp root oil is used for healing burns.
    There are claims of positive effects on asthma sufferers.

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    Handmade 100% natural hemp footwear. Delivery charge £2.95, $7.50 .

    Split Toe Padus - £29.00, $37.00 Round Toe Padus - £27.00, $35.00

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    About Kim.....

    I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and use a variety of styles which integrate my experience of Iyengar, Hatha, Astanga, Kaya Kalpa, and Restorative yoga, emphasising awareness of mind, body and breath whilst focusing on correct alignment. I believe that while yoga makes our bodies stronger and more flexible, yoga's greatest gifts are helping us to heal by stilling our mind and finding peace and an open heart~ coming back to grace. I aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment to allow students to develop their own understanding of yoga. I have also been doing healing bodywork and therapeutic massage for 25 years, incorporating Swedish, acupressure and aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki to bring the body back to balance.

    (I have produced a yoga music CD and just finished work on my first DVD, which will be launched body in balance early in the year.)

    “I have been teaching yoga for 15 years...Yoga brings me to a place of peace, to a delicious space that allows exploration of oneself. A time for commune, bringing all things together. Yoga is a physical art working with the body, breath and mind to create harmony and wellbeing. I started out as a gymnast and lived in my gym slippers. After a bad injury at 14 I was unable to return to my practice. I found yoga when I moved to the Middle East in the 80's and travelled frequently to India but I really immersed myself in my practice when I moved to NYC and studied under the legendary Swami Bua. I then decided I wanted to wean myself from the corporate world and went upstate NY to the Sivananda ashram and did my teacher training. I have studied with Dr SentilKhumar in India, learning more and more about the ancient practise of yoga and the sacred texts, I was blessed to be passed on the secrets of Kaya Kalpa and basic ayurveda principles… Yoga helped me to release pain from my old injuries and start to align my body, as I began to work through the physical with breath I found something else, a sense of calm, I found my happy place…solace. As my journey unfolds I can see the benefits that I am receiving and I want to share the gift.”


    Kim's yoga classes are hard work but very rewarding. My knees are so much stronger since starting with her. Long may she continue!


    I have been taking yoga classes with Kim for the past few years and it has certainly helped my creaking bones, stiff joints and racing mind.

    To be able to escape from the hectic London life for an hour every Monday morning is bliss, so much so that my children notice when I have missed a class!

    I thoroughly recommend Kim as a patient, sympathetic & gifted teacher.  She knows when to push you to the limit and when to be gentle and coax you into working hard for yourself.  Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and the results are visible.

    Susie Thornhill
    The Troubadour, October 2011

    “Kim makes yoga fun! Her classes strike the right balance between being challenging, relaxing and energising.”


    I always look forward to, and enjoy, Kim’s yoga class – it’s a permanent fixture in my week. I leave the class relaxed and re-energised (and most of the time feeling that I’ve worked hard!), and Kim’s positive, calm manner makes sure your stressful day seems miles away.

    Emily Wilton
    Learning & Development Project Manager
    Cancer Research UK

    Click Here - Book Yoga With Kim

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